Information on whether the Swiss government would deport a person who has "resident permit" status to the country of origin, in this case Sri Lanka [CHE13462]

The Embassy of Switzerland stated that information on this subject would have to be requested in writing and forwarded to Switzerland for a response. Please advise the DIRB if this action is required.

Documentation specific to the deportation of people who hold resident permit status in Switzerland is not currently available to the DIRB. However, the attached articles on the repatriation of Sri Lankans from Switzerland may be of interest.


Documentation-Réfugiés [Paris]. 19-28 August 1992. No. 193. "Réfugiés en Suisse," p. 1.

The Xinhua General Overseas News Service. 27 August 1992. "Switzerland to Repatriate 150 Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers." (NEXIS)