Whether all (Qadiani) Ahmadi Muslims-born-Ahmadis as well as proselytes-must sign the Bai'at (pledge form) [PAK33349.E]

The March 1999 publication entitled Pakistan: Country Assessment produced by the Country Information and Policy Unit of Asylum and Appeals Policy Directorate, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, UK, states that:

[The] bai'at is an oath of allegiance, a pledge, made by a person who is not an Ahmadi by birth to fulfil certain conditions and abide by the doctrines of Islam. A person born of Ahmadi parents is considered to be an Ahmadi by birth. That person is not required to go through bai'at-unless there has been a change in the Supreme Head of the community in which case all Ahmadis perform bai'at, thus renewing their allegiance to the new Head. Furthermore, there is no objection for an Ahmadi by birth to perform bai'at (however, s/he will not be issued with a Certificate of Bai'at) (33).

The following information applies to the (Qadiani) Ahmadi Muslim community. In correspondence dated 17 December 1999, the Eastern Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam-Canada, in Cumberland, Ontario, stated the following:

The official name of our Community is "Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat". It is also known as "Ahmadiyya Muslim Community"' or "Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam". These are the names by which we prefer to be associated and recognized. We take offence at being called "Qadiani Ahmadis". In fact, these words are considered derogatory and are used by our antagonists to taunt and hurt our religious sensitivities ... but we continue to consider ourselves as 'Ahmadi Muslims' and we expect all civilized nations who are signatories to the Charter of Human Rights to support us in this assertion,
The Bai'at is an Oath of Allegiance. It consists of 10 Conditions.
All new converts desirous of becoming members of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are obliged to take this Oath by signing the Bai'at Form.
After making sure that the Bai'at has been signed with all good intentions, the President of the country sends the form to the Headquarters, The Headquarters usually is the residence of the Khalifa tul Massih. Currently, it is situated in London LJK. The Khalifa tul Massih IV (Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad) is residing there since 1984. He had to move from Rabwah, Pakistan, to take up temporary abode in London, UK, because it had become impossible for him to function from there in view of the bitter opposition by the Government of the day.
The Bai'at is a pledge between an individual (wishing to become a member) and the Khalifa tul Massih of the time. It can be revoked by any party without assigning any reason, In other words, an individual can walk out of the Community if he/she wills and likewise, the Khalifa tul Massih can also expunge, any individual from membership of the Community. This option is exercised in rare circumstances only when an individual grossly contravenes the Conditions of Bai'at and does not comport him/herself to the moral standards expected from every Ahmadi.
A born-Ahmadi is automatically considered as an Ahmadi.
At the demise of a Khalifa tul Massih, a new Khalifa tul Massih is elected. The election is done by an Electoral Board consisting of elders. It is the usual custom in Islam as well as in Ahmadiyyat that all Ahmadis, re-pledge their loyalty to the new Khalifa. This is done by letter or by participating in a public 'Bai'at conferring ceremony' conducted by the newly elected Khalifa.
At the Annual International Ahmadiyya Conference that is usually held in July every year in London-UK, His Holiness, the Khalifa tul Massih IV, personally takes the formal Bai'at from all new and old Ahmadis. This is televised LIVE by the Muslim Television Ahmadiyya. International (MTA International). The MTA is seen all over the world through the aid of a number of communication global satellites. Ahmadis, all over the world, sit by their TV sets to participate in this unique ceremony and also to offer silent prayers with the Khalifa tul Massih. Nearly all Ahmadi homes have access to the MTA.
At the signing of the Bai'at Pledge, all minor children automatically are included and considered as Ahmadis. However, the spouses and older children are required to give their consent before being included.
The record of new and old Ahmadis is scrupulously maintained in their country of residence. A record of New Ahmadis is also maintained at the Headquarters. (London, UK, or in Rabwah, Pakistan)
Certificates of identification 'as Ahmadi' are issued only to persons who require it, e.g. in support of their immigration applications. Every possible effort and care is exercised to issue such certificates to genuine Ahmadis only.
The Headquarters in London or Rabwah does not normally entertain direct queries from Immigration offices abroad. These enquiries are handled through the local President or his designated personnel.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum.


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