Any reports of a student demonstration, or protest, or rally in Krasnodar on or about 9 April 1997, any subsequent repercussions for participants [RUS33844.E]

On 21 March 2000 a representative of the Krasnodar Human Rights Association (KHRA) stated that in April and May 1997 there were a number of small disturbances involving gatherings of students who were unhappy about the conscription of a small number of students into the armed forces. The representative stated that the students were also upset about rumours that there would subsequently be a general military mobilization of students, which, however, did not happen. The representative added that the KHRA had no knowledge of any reports of attacks against or prosecution of students in connection with the disturbances.

Corroborating information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within time constraints.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


Krasnodar Human Rights Association, Krasnodar, Russia. 21 March 2000. Correspondence.

Additional Sources Consulted

IRB databases

Keesing's Record of World Events


World News Connection (WNC)

Internet websites including:

Moscow Times

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