Information regarding the possibility that High School exams (particularly in Hargeisa) were rescheduled from June to May in 1988. [SOM6092]

The President of the North Somali Association of Quebec, the Director of Substance Abuse at the Rocksberry Comprehensive Community Health Centre in Mass., U.S.A. and another source in Ottawa (during telephone interviews on 25 June 1990), all state that because the civil war which started in Hargeisa on 31 May 1988 was not anticipated, the possibility of rescheduling exams prior to the war or of carrying out the June exams seems remote.

During a telephone interview with a member of the IRBDC on 25 June 1990, a former teacher in Hargeisa during 1988 states that high school exams were not rescheduled in 1988.

Corroborating information from published sources is currently unavailable to the IRBDC.