Information on hiring practices, particularly whether it is common for employers to ask for marriage certificates as a prerequisite for employment, whether this requirement is often stated in job descriptions, and whether companies require AIDS tests for would-be employees [MEX27644.E]

The information that follows was provided by a representative and consular official of the Embassy of Mexico with expertise on employment procedures in Mexico, during an 18 September 1997 interview.

An employer can ask a job applicant for a marriage certificate copy, but this is neither a rule nor the norm. This is usually requested as a form of identification, or to corroborate marital status which may have been indicated on a registration form or other documentation. For certain positions that, for example, may require flexibility for travel or working hours, employers may prefer to hire single people, while in other cases an employer might take married status as a certain guarantee of the employee's stability.

Generally speaking, companies do not require AIDS or HIV tests as a requisite for employment. However, for certain jobs an employer might require a medical examination; if this is the case, it is normally indicated in the job announcement as a requisite. The purpose of the medical examinations is not necessarily publicized nor always the same, and may vary according to the position and the employer.

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Embassy of the United States of Mexico, Ottawa. 18 September 1997. Personal interview with representative for consular affairs.

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This list is not exhaustive. Country-specific books available in the Resource Centre are not included.