" Muungano Wa Mageuzi" (Movement for Change) including location of its offices, the positions created within the movement if possible, the names of its current and past officials and whether its members are questioned/harassed by authorities [KEN38230.E]

Muungano wa Mageuzi, is a political opposition movement led by Ugenya MP James Orengo (Amnesty International 7 February 2001; Daily Nation 14 Oct. 2001, ibid., 30 Oct. 2000; Digital Freedom Network (DFN) 11 Dec. 2000). "Mageuzi came into existence towards the end of last year [2000] with the aim of agitating for political change through extra-parliamentary means - mass rallies and civil disobedience" (Daily Nation 14 Oct. 2001). In 2000 the movement reportedly held rallies in Kenya asking Kenyans to oppose President Moi's "dictatorship" (ibid., Daily Nation 30 Oct. 2000), and "to insist on a new constitution before the 2002 general election" (DFN 11 Dec. 2000).

Several sources report that the founder, supporters, and journalists covering Muungano wa Mageuzi's rallies have been objects of harassment and intimidation by the Kenyan authorities (Amnesty International 7 Feb. 2001; DFN 11 Dec. 2000; Reporters sans frontières (RSF) 13 Feb. 2001; Kenya Youth Movement in Sweden (KYMS) 12 May 2001). In February 2001,

James Orengo, founding-member of Muungano wa Mageuzi...received severe injuries during his arrest by five police officers. At least 10 of his accompanying supporters were also injured by police. The next day, together with two others, Wifred Monyenye and Christopher Matoke, James Orengo was then charged with "taking part in an unlawful assembly." (Amnesty International 7 February 2001). In a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs, Reporteurs sans frontières expressed concern

at the assault on Gariyb Wandalo, the East African representative in Kisumu, Jacob Otieno, an East African Standard photographer, and David Ohito and John Mwendwa, respectively cameraman and reporter of Kenyan Television Network...the above-named journalists were in a press vehicle to cover a meeting organized by Muungano wa Mageuzi in Kisumu (13 Feb. 2001).

Muungano wa Mageuzi is currently divided over the move to forge an electoral alliance with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) (The Nation 14 Oct. 2001, ibid., 3 Oct. 2001). Reportedly,

strongly opposed [to the move] has been Ford Asili MP Njeur Kathangu, who accuses Orengo of using the movement as a springboard for political ambition...other MPs who have at one time been associated with Maguezi but have kept their distance from SDP include Alfred Nderitu (DP), Waithaka Mwangi (Ford-P), Mukhisa Kutuyi (Ford-K), Kipruto Kirwa (Kanu), Kipkalya Kones (Kanu) and Antony Kimeto (Kanu) (ibid., 14 Oct. 2001)

No reports on the location of its offices and positions created within Muungano wa Mageuzi could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


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