Information on the Bracamonte Battalion [SLV7813]

According to the office of the Military Attaché of the Embassy of El Salvador in the United States, as stated in a telephone communication with the IRBDC on 5 February 1991, the Bracamonte is an "Immediate Reaction" battalion located at or around the San Salvador airport area. "Immediate Reaction" is one of five or six types of battalion-sized units, other types being, for example, "cazador" (hunter) and anti-terrorist. The latter type normally are the smallest battalions. Although the "immediate reaction" are normally the largest battalions, the source explained that the Bracamonte had recently decreased in size and become a "medium-size" battalion.

Transcripts of clandestine radio broadcasts published in the Latin America Daily Report of 28 December 1988 (FBIS-LAT-88-249), p. 15, report two attacks on Bracamonte Battalion units. One unit (no other details provided) was reportedly ambushed by guerrillas on 20 December 1988 "as it was passing on the road from Arambala to Conacaste, Moraz n department" and hit by two mines. The document also reports:

"another ambush against a bus transporting troops of the Bracamonte Battalion at 0700 on 22 December [1988] on the road from Cicala to Gotera north of the Torola river, using RPG-7 rocket launchers. According to preliminary reports, the Army sustained more than 10 casualties. In addition, soldiers from the same battalion who were on foot were attacked with rifle fire, sustaining two more casualties."

Additional information on the requested subject could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC.