• Report on freedom of expression (covering 2009 to 2020)

    The Global Expression Report 2019/2020 (Periodical Report, English)

    • Report on border procedures for asylum applications in EU+ countries (initial steps and competent authorities; material reception conditions at the border; entry to the territory; impact on Dublin procedure; possible outcomes; appeals)

      Border Procedures for Asylum Applications in EU+ Countries (Special or Analytical Report, English)

      • Annual report on governance, democracy, sustainability and the economy (covering November 2018 to November 2019)

        Slovenia Report; Sustainable Governance Indicators 2020 (Periodical Report, English)

        • Report on illegal push-backs and border violence (covering July 2020)

          Illegal push-backs and border violence reports; Balkan region July 2020 (Periodical Report, English)

          • Annual report on trafficking in persons (covering April 2019 to March 2020)

            2020 Trafficking in Persons Report: Slovenia (Periodical Report, English)

            • Annual report on religious freedom (covering 2019)

              2019 Report on International Religious Freedom: Slovenia (Periodical Report, English)

              • Report on asylum procedures and reception conditions during the COVID-19 lockdown

                COVID-19 emergency measures in asylum and reception systems (Special or Analytical Report, English)

                • Article on state crackdown on journalists reporting on COVID-19

                  Platforms urged to prevent harassment of journalists covering Covid-19 (Appeal or News Release, English)

                  • Report on democratisation (electoral process, civil society, independent media, governance) and rule of law (corruption) in 2019

                    Nations in Transit 2020 - Slovenia (Periodical Report, English)

                    • Country report on political participation; rule of law; stability of democratic institutions; socioeconomic development; economic transformation; private property; etc.

                      BTI 2020 Country Report Slovenia (Periodical Report, English)

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