• Appeal to governments of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos to investigate enforced disappearances in their respective countries and ensure the victims' families access to justice and reparations

    Address enforced disappearances, deliver justice for the victims and their families (Appeal or News Release, English)

    • Annual report on trafficking in persons (covering April 2019 to March 2020)

      2020 Trafficking in Persons Report: Laos (Periodical Report, English)

      • Annual report on religious freedom (covering 2019)

        2019 Report on International Religious Freedom: Laos (Periodical Report, English)

        • Country report on political participation; rule of law; stability of democratic institutions; socioeconomic development; economic transformation; private property; etc.

          BTI 2020 Country Report Laos (Periodical Report, English)

          • Article on violations of press freedom in Asia-Pacific region as indicated in 2020 World Press Freedom Index

            RSF 2020 Index: Asia-Pacific – hyper-control and national-populist excesses (Periodical Report, English)

            • Annual report on human rights in 2019

              Country Report on Human Rights Practices 2019 - Laos (Periodical Report, English)

              • Annual report on political rights and civil liberties in 2019

                Freedom in the World 2020 - Laos (Periodical Report, English)

                • Report on corporal punishment of children at home, in alternative care settings, in day care, in schools and in penal institutions as well as corporal punishment as a sentence for crime

                  Corporal punishment of children in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Special or Analytical Report, English)

                  • Annual report on rights of homosexuals and criminalisation of homosexual acts (legal situation; excerpts of laws)

                    State-Sponsored Homophobia; Global Legislation Overview Update (Periodical Report, English)

                    • Report on legal restrictions on freedom of expression, opinion and information in Southeast Asia

                      Dictating the Internet: Curtailing Free Expression, Opinion and Information Online in Southeast Asia (Special or Analytical Report, English)

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