• Annual report on human rights in 2020

    2020 Country Report on Human Rights Practices: Bhutan (Periodical Report, English)

    • New report on transnational repression exercised against dissidents living abroad (case studies from China, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey; examples from other regions; recommendations)

      Out of Sight, Not Out of Reach The Global Scale and Scope of Transnational Repression (Special or Analytical Report, English)

      • Biannual report on human trafficking

        Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2020; Country Profile South Asia (Periodical Report, English)

        • Annual report on rights of homosexuals and criminalisation of homosexual acts (legal situation; excerpts of laws)

          State-Sponsored Homophobia; Global Legislation Overview Update 2020 (Periodical Report, English)

          • Report on the situation of minorities and civil society

            South Asia State of Minorities Report 2020; Minorities and Shrinking Civil Spaces (Periodical Report, English)

            • Brief country profile on political situation, human rights, economy, development

              Länderinformation Bhutan (Special or Analytical Report, German)

              • Report on freedom of expression (covering 2009 to 2020)

                The Global Expression Report 2019/2020 (Periodical Report, English)

                • Annual report on child labor (covering 2019)

                  2019 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor: Bhutan (Periodical Report, English)

                  • Report on child marriages and other harmful practices (polygamy; honour crimes and dowry-related violence; dowry and bride price; sex selection and female infanticide; menstruation and taboos; caste-based discrimination; child labour and trafficking)

                    Child marriage and other harmful practices: A Desk Review of Evidence from South Asia (Special or Analytical Report, English)

                    • Annual report on trafficking in persons (covering April 2019 to March 2020)

                      2020 Trafficking in Persons Report: Bhutan (Periodical Report, English)

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