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Ethnic groups and topography

A 2009 CIA country profile contains maps on ethno-religious groups, population density, mountains, major roads and water bodies:

    An atlas published by the Austrian ministries for interior and defense in 2017 contains maps on topography (p. 15-16), ethnic (p. 35-36) and religious groups (p. 25-26):

      Dr. Michael Izady of the Columbia University's Gulf/2000 project published a map containing information on the distribution of ethnic groups:

        A 2020 country report by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also contains a map on the main ethnic groups (p. 2):

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          Administrative divisons: Provinces

          The Statistical Center of Iran published an undated map on its website that shows Iran's provinces after June 2010 (separation of Alborz province from Tehran). The map was accessible on the website as of 13 June 2022.

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            More maps

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