Searching in specific fields allows you to narrow down your search significantly. When your search term appears in a document's original title, or in's description of the document, it is likely relevant to your search.

Searching in specific fields is, for now, not available as a ready-made search filter. You have to use the name of the metadata field in the search textfield.

For instance, if you know the original title of a document, you can search for it like this:

The following metadata fields can help you narrow down your search. A field's name is followed by a colon, no spaces are allowed except within a phrase marked with quotation marks. The field's name has to be entered exactly as shown, lower-/uppercase matters. The field searches can be combined with boolean operators just like other search terms. Wildcards are allowed

Original title


Example: origTitle:taliban's brief description, English language


Example: description.en:torture's brief description, German language