A chronology of events to update DIRB publication from August 1992 to 23 February 1993 [LKA13231]

Following is a chronology of events in Sri Lanka from 22 August 1992 to 23 February 1993.
27 August
The Swiss and Sri Lankan governments agree to repatriate Sri Lankan asylum seekers during the next five months. The Sri Lankan government feels that Sri Lankans abroad should come back home. (Xinhua 27 Aug. 1992).
30 August
Six armed gunmen attack a co-leader of the opposition Democratic United National Front (DUNF) and his supporters. The co-leader attributes the attack to the ruling United National Party (UMP). (Xinhua 30 Aug. 1992).
1 September
The Sri Lanka Supreme Court unanimously dismisses the petition by the opposition parties challenging the election of President R. Premadasa. The court case lasted for three-and-half years. The petition was initiated by the leader of the opposition, Mrs. Bandaranaike. (Xinhua 1 Sept. 1992).
2 September
The UNHCR receives $1.6 million from five countries as emergency relief aid to resettle Tamils returning home from India. The five countries are Canada, France, Britain, the United States of America, and Australia. (The Island International 2 Sept. 1992).
9 September
Tamil rebels reportedly kill 20 government soldiers in two simultaneous strikes. The attack takes place in north-eastern Sri Lanka. Government sources claim that security forces also kill an unspecified number of guerrillas (AFP 9 Sept. 1992).
10 September
A powerful bomb explosion reportedly kills nine soldiers and two civilians aboard a boat in north-east Sri Lanka. Fifty passengers reportedly aboard the boat. Half of the passengers are soldiers. A military spokesperson claims that LTTE rebels responsible for the explosion. (AFP 10 Sept. 1992).
11 September
Security sources claim that Tamil separatist forces kill more than 100 persons in two attacks against Kudakachchikodiya, a northern village, 160 kilometres from Colombo. The other attack is against two military trucks. (UPI 11 Sept. 1992).
12 September
The military authorities are reportedly holding at least 20 soldiers in connection with the massacre of 39 Tamil civilians, in an apparent revenge attack in eastern Sri Lanka.(AFP 12 Sept. 1992).
13 September
Tamil rebels are reportedly keeping as hostages 4,000 people held in camps in north-eastern Sri Lanka. The hostages are being kept in concentration camps. (Xinhua 13 Sept. 1992).
18 September
Backed by heavy armour and air support, government troops reportedly capture a rebel base at Pandittiruppu, in northern Jaffna peninsula. Two government soldiers are killed. Casualties on the rebel side are unknown. (Xinhua 18 Sept. 1992).
21 September
Tamil guerrillas reportedly wipe out 23 soldiers in an ambush in eastern Sri Lanka . This is in apparent retaliation for an offensive by government forces in the north of the country (AFP 21 Sept. 1992)
26 September
Sri Lanka army commanders narrowly escape death when a land mine blows up in northern Jaffna District. The commanders are Lt. General Cecil Waidaratne and Major General G. de Silva. Seven soldiers are killed by the mine, which explodes a few metres from the generals. (Xinhua 26 Sept. 1992).
27 September
Sri Lanka police reportedly arrest about 300 rebel suspects in Colombo and its suburbs. The round-up occurs as Tamil rebels reportedly map out plans to kill 12 police officers. (Xinhua 27 Sept. 1992).
1 October
Tamil rebels attack a Sinhalese village reportedly killing 15 civilians and 5 soldiers. The attacks wound nine civilians and three soldiers. (Reuters 1 Oct. 1992).
2 October
Police authorities arrest a group of Peoples' Liberation Front (JVP) rebels for killing 19 persons in December 1989. Four members of the group are reportedly JVP wing leaders. (Xinhua 2 Oct. 1992)
5 October
One thousand Sri Lankan refugees return to Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu in India. So far 29,000 refugees have returned to Sri Lanka. (BBC 5 Oct. 1992).
6 October
Members of the Sri Lankan Freedom Party (SLFP), the biggest opposition party adopt a resolution calling for the leadership to hold internal party elections by the end of the year or face action from within the party. (Xinhua 6 Oct. 1992).
8 October
Government Special Task Force Commandos (STFC) reportedly capture a Tamil rebel radio transmitting station in the jungles of Panama, near Ampara in east Sri Lanka. (Xinhua 8 Oct. 1992).
16 October
Tamil rebels reportedly attack three villages in north-east Sri Lanka. Killed are 134 people, most of whom are Moslem civilians. (Los Angeles Times 16 Oct. 1992; Le Devoir 16 Oct. 1992; BBC 17 Oct. 1992).
18 October
The government launches a massive program to accommodate refugees returning from southern India. The program will set up refugee camps around the country. (Xinhua 18 Oct. 1992).
20 October
Sinhalese and Moslem civilians continue to flee eastern villages that Tamil rebels are attacking. (Xinhua 20 Oct. 1002).
23 October
Sri Lanka Moslem protests in Colombo against Tamil rebels turn violent as demonstrators reportedly throw stones while police fire tear-gas at them. Police in riot-gear also charge the crowd of Moslems inside a mosque in Maradana. Several people are reportedly injured in the scuffles. Moslem schools and shops around Sri Lanka also close to honour the protests. (Reuters 23 Oct. 1992; AFP 23 Oct. 1992).
24 October
The security forces reportedly kill 14 Tamil rebels and destroy six rebel boats in the northeastern Jaffna Lagoon. (Xinhua 24 Oct. 1992; BBC 28 Oct. 1992).
26 October
Tamil guerrillas strike army bunkers in northern Sri Lanka. The attack reportedly kills four soldiers and three rebels. (AFP 26 Oct. 1992).
28 October
Sri Lanka navy destroys 30 LTTE boats in Jaffna Lagoon. The attack reportedly kills a large number of rebels. (BBC 28 Oct. 1992).
29 October
Military spokesperson announces that a Sri Lanka army officer is found guilty for the massacre of 67 Tamil civilians in June 1991. (Xinhua 29 Oct. 1992).
2 November
Tamil separatists reportedly planting rice fields with cyanide-tipped nails to drive away Sinhalese and Moslem farmers from eastern Sri Lanka. Police warn farmers to be careful after two panels with 10 or 15 cyanide-coated nails on each side are found in a rice field in the eastern Ampara District. (Reuters 2 Nov. 1992).
9 November
The Sri Lanka Commissioner General for Rehabilitation announces that as many as 8,463 former youth victims of JVP brainwashing have re-entered normal socio-economic life of the country. (Xinhua 9 Nov. 1992).
16 November
A suicide bomber reportedly kills navy Commander Clancey Fernando, his body guard and driver. The Commander's car explodes after being rammed by a motor cyclist. (AFP 16 Nov. 1992; Le Monde 17 Nov. 1992; The Economist 21 Nov. 1992; Time 30 Nov. 1992).
19 November
LTTE rebels reportedly kill six soldiers, injure four and blow up a strategic bridge. Police searching Colombo and its suburbs for the LTTE rebels involved in the attacks. (UPI 19 Nov. 1992).
20 November
Two gunmen reportedly attack and injure a policeman outside the home of Mr. K.H.J. Wijedasa, Secretary to the president. A grenade explodes when police try to check the two unidentified men. (Reuters 20 Nov. 1992; AFP 20 Nov. 1992).
24 November
The police launch a search operation in Colombo to round up Tamil rebels. This follows warnings by the group of attacks on members of the government and foreign missions in Colombo. (Xinhua 24 Nov. 1992).
26 November
The government deploys armed police and riot squads outside Colombo University. The university closes in the midst of growing student unrest. The students are demanding a change in the criteria for awarding special degrees in science and the release of students arrested for anti-government activities. The students also want an end to police harassment on the campus. (Xinhua 26 Nov. 1992).
1 December
The Tamil rebels dispatch second suicide squad to Colombo via eastern Battivaloa. This follows the arrest of the first batch by security forces. (Xinhua 1 Dec. 1992).
2 December
Acting on a tip-off, the Crime Detective Bureau busts the LTTEs communications nerve centre in Colombo. The centre reportedly has links to the groups offices in Paris, London, and several other capitals on the continent. (BBC 2 Dec. 1992 ).
5 December
Police launch massive operation to counter plans by Tamil rebels to infiltrate the main cities and towns on the island. They reportedly arrest over 500 suspects in 21 cities and towns. (Xinhua 5 Dec. 1992).
6 December
The police arrest two JVP members allegedly for supplying arms and ammunition to the north-east of the country. Police reveal increasing links between the Sinhala (JVP) and the Tamil (LTTE) rebels. (Xinhua 6 Dec. 1992).
11 December
Police sources announce that five thousand recruits will join the police force early next year. Chandra Fernando, in charge of recruitment, says the recruits will be absorbed into the regular police force. They will also go through a six-month training period. (Xinhua 11 Dec. 1992).
12 December
Sri Lankan opposition launches a protest campaign to retaliate police attacks on several opposition MPs, journalists and several other people (Xinhua 12 Dec. 1992).
13 December
The ruling United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), the biggest opposition party agree to a peace formula to end the ethnic strife in the country. (Xinhua 13 Dec. 1992).
14 December
The leader of the LTTE in Navathkuli in northern Jaffna peninsula is arrested in Colombo by the police. Police describe the leader, Mr. Jegan, as a hardcore terrorist who led a series of attacks on the security forces in Jaffna. (Xinhua 14 Dec. 1992).
15 December
Government security forces reportedly kill six separatist guerrillas and attack two rebel bases in separate incidents in eastern Sri Lanka. (UPI 15 Dec. 1992).
16 December
At least 20 well-trained rebel intelligence men of the LTTE reportedly infiltrate Colombo with a new sabotage plan. Their mission reportedly is to collect information for the group's next big strike in Colombo. (Xinhua 16 Dec. 1992).
19 December
Government troops ambush and reportedly kill five Tamil rebels in eastern Ampara district. LTTE casualties reportedly high in another government offensive in northern Jeffna peninsula. (Xinhua 19 Dec. 1992).
24 December
President R. Premadasa grants a christmas amnesty to 750 prisoners. The amnesty reportedly will also commute death sentences to life imprisonment. (Xinhua 24 Dec. 1992).
26 December
Two hundred and fifty men attack army convoy returning to camp. Seventy-two soldiers and Tamil fighters reportedly killed in the fierce gun battle in the eastern province. (Times 26 Dec. 1992).
27 December
Tamil rebels blow up a jeep carrying six civilians including a government official. All six reportedly killed . (New York Times 27 Dec. 1992).
28 December
The Sri Lanka national news agency reports casualties in the ethnic conflict in the country for 1992. The military forces reportedly lose 1045 soldiers, while the LTTE loses 2906 fighters in the war between government forces and Tamil separatists. The government forces also lose between 262 and 275 every month to desertion. (Xinhua 28 Dec. 1992).
1 January 1993
Sri Lanka receives further international contribution of $3.8 million for the resettlement of the north-east refugees. The US government pledges the amount made through the UNHCR to rehabilitate the refugees. (Xinhua 1 Jan. 1993).
4 January
Government troops reportedly kill three rebels and capture two others including a "judge" during an attack by troops in central Vavuniya District. The judge is reported to have presided over guerrilla kangaroo courts. The courts are set up in Tamil-held areas to try criminals, suspected informants or rivals. (Reuters 4 Jan. 1993).
5 January
The Sri Lanka navy kills 15 civilians when it bombarded five boats in the Jaffna lagoon in the north-east. The army has barred civilian boats from using the lagoon to isolate the Jaffna peninsula, the rebel stronghold from the country. (Liberation 5 Jan. 1993; The Independent 6 Jan. 1993).
8 January
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reportedly to keep up emergency relief operations to supply food to 60,000 Sri Lankans displaced by the ethnic conflicts in the country. (Xinhua 8 Jan. 1993).
11 January
Government forces reportedly kill fourteen Tamil rebels in two separate operations in the eastern province. (Xinhua 11 Jan. 1993).
15 January
The government reacts cautiously to concessions by the LTTE aimed at ending Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict. This was in reaction to statements by the Archbishop of Colombo, Kenneth Fernando, that the government should reciprocate the Tamil group's willingness to negotiate. (AFP 15 Jan. 1993).
17 January
Sri Lanka puts the armed forces on red alert against possible retaliation by the LTTE for the death of Kittu, the number two man in the organization. Kittu was killed when the boat in which he was travelling was sank by government forces. (AFP 17 Jan. 1993; BBC 18 Jan. 1993).
19 January
Fighting at Puludai in the north-east reportedly leaves 13 soldiers and at least five guerrillas dead. The action by the LTTE is in retaliation for the killing of Kittu. (Liberation 19 Jan. 1993).
21 January
The LTTE accuses India for its part in the death of Kittu. The LTTE statement says "the interception of the ship in international waters was a high-handed act of piracy by the Indian navy." The Indian and Sri Lanka governments say the ship was intercepted for carrying military hardware and ammunition to the Jaffna strong-hold in northern Sri Lanka. (AFP 21 Jan. 1993).
25 January
Fresh attacks against government security forces in the north-east reportedly leave 17 soldiers and three rebels dead. The dead included 13 soldiers and an officer sent to secure a highway in the Sitaru region. (AFP 25 Jan. 1993).
27 January
Tamil rebels reportedly operate in Switzerland as the European centre to raise funds to purchase arms. The LTTE reportedly runs a financial network in Switzerland for which Tamils working there are forced to contribute. Those who refuse to contribute are threatened. (Xinhua 27 Jan. 1993).
29 January
Police in Colombo arrest 80 Tamil rebels who have reportedly deserted their LTTE ranks and sought sanctuary in Colombo and its suburbs. (Xinhua 29 Jan. 1993).
5 February
Government forces reportedly capture 45 square kilometres of territory belonging to the rebels in the northern Vavuniya district . (Xinhua 5 Feb. 1993).
10 February
The navy reportedly destroys seven Tamil rebel boats and seizes seven others when over 20 rebel boats attempt to cross the northern Jaffna lagoon. The boats reportedly carrying supplies for the LTTE. (Xinhua 10 Feb. 1993).
11 February
The government reportedly amends 15 of the most oppressive emergency regulations in Sri Lanka to coincide with U.N Human Rights Commission meeting in Geneva. (Xinhua 11 Feb. 1992).
12 February
The United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva reportedly to discuss the high rate of "disappearances" and numerous reports of torture and extra-judicial executions. (The Independent 12 Feb. 1993; AFP 12 Feb. 1993).
13 February
Air force attacks reportedly injure at least 12 civilians and troops kill four rebels in the east. The navy also fires on boats carrying separatist LTTE guerrillas crossing a prohibited waterway in the north. (AFP 13 Feb. 1993).
18 February
The government issues a statement that says the refusal of the LTTE to open a safe passageway for civilians across the Jaffna lagoon indicates that the rebels remain committed to a separate state in the north. The statement further states that the government remains open to further negotiations, while the rebels want to use civilians as an instrument of war. (UPI 18 Feb. 1993).
23 February
The LTTE denies allegations that they are holding 4,000 prisoners in Nazi-like concentration camps. According to the LTTE, no more than 200 people at any one time are held as prisoners for "spying and treason." (AFP 23 Feb. 1993).
24 February
The LTTE rebels reportedly suffer heavy casualties in many of their bunkers when infantry troops attack the fortifications of the rebels in Jaffna District. (Colombo Radio 24 Feb. 1993).
25 February
LTTE fighters attack an army bunker line in northern Sri Lanka killing five soldiers and losing at least 15 of their own. The action takes place in Nanathan in the coastal Mannar District. (AFP 25 Feb. 1993).


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