• Report on the human rights situation covering 2019

    Human Rights in Europe - Review of 2019 - Malta [EUR 01/2098/2020] (Periodical Report, English)

    • Annual report on human rights in 2019

      Country Report on Human Rights Practices 2019 - Malta (Periodical Report, English)

      • Annual report on political rights and civil liberties in 2019

        Freedom in the World 2020 - Malta (Periodical Report, English)

        • Annual report on attacks on freedom of the media in 2019

          Hands off press freedom: Attacks on media in Europe must not become a new normal (Periodical Report, English)

          • Report on women's access to contraception in Council of Europe member states (comparison between selected countries; sexuality education; role of NGOs)

            Empowering women: promoting access to contraception in Europe [Doc. 15084] (Special or Analytical Report, English)

            • Annual report on the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and Central Asia (covering 2019)

              Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People in Europe and Central Asia 2020 (Periodical Report, English)

              • Report on threats against and attacks on media freedom and journalists in Council of Europe states (physical attacks, killings and impunity; attacks by non-state actors; threats by authorities and misuse of legislation; other topics)

                Threats to media freedom and journalists security in Europe [Doc. 15021] (Special or Analytical Report, English)

                • Malta accedes to the 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons

                  Malta joins global efforts to address statelessness (Appeal or News Release, English)

                  • Annual report on rights of homosexuals and criminalisation of homosexual acts (legal situation; excerpts of laws)

                    State-Sponsored Homophobia; Global Legislation Overview Update (Periodical Report, English)

                    • Country profile on the health care system (health status, risk factors, efficiency and access to health care)

                      Malta: Country Health Profile 2019, State of Health in the EU (Periodical Report, English)

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