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COI Training

Finding the right country information can be quite a challenging task. Therefore, the COI Training Network offers country of origin information (COI) training to eligibility officers, judges, lawyers, legal counsels and law students. The training sessions are based on the COI quality standards developed by the COI Network. The workshops are held by experienced COI practitioners.

COI Training Workshops

Each training is tailored to your specific needs. A COI training workshop can take between 3 hours and 2 days, depending on your wishes. In our computer-based trainings we use research exercises and case studies derived from our daily COI work. Participants make their own research experience during the workshops and discuss their results with the trainer and other participants.

COI e-Training Course

You want to get a sound introduction into the art of researching COI without leaving office or home?

Then an e-training course on researching country of origin information may be the right tool for you. The online course takes 3 weeks and is guided by a tutor. You are part of a group and you can share your learning experience with the other participants even if they are based in a different country. You need a computer and 12 hours within the course period of 3 weeks.

After the 3-week online period you can participate in a 1-day face-to-face training workshop that completes the e-training course. Here you can meet your colleagues and your tutor to deepen your COI proficiency.

To learn more about the COI e-training visit the COI Training Network's training platform.

COI Training Manual

You want to read more about researching country of origin information? In 2013, ACCORD has published an updated version of the 2004 training manual on the methodology and the quality standards of COI research. It is available in English and can be downloaded here:

COI Training Manual (PDF, English)

To order print copies or to read the previous (2004) edition, which is available in seven languages, see www.coi-training.net.

The Network

The COI Training Network arose from several transnational projects funded by the European Refugee Fund, Community Action. The projects comprised non-governmental as well as governmental partner organisations. The overall objective of all COI Network projects was to improve and strengthen the quality in the use of COI and thus contribute to fair and effective RSD procedures in Europe. The projects supported the EU goal to achieve an objective, transparent and accurate COI system that delivers relevant, reliable and balanced information.

For more information, see the Network's training platform.

The COI Training Network is coordinated by ACCORD/Austrian Red Cross and supported by UNHCR.

Contact Information

If you have any questions on COI training please contact ACCORD at training.accord@redcross.at.
For more on COI research methodologies and quality standards, visit our blog.