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Refugee Law Reader

Refugee Law Reader

The Refugee Law Reader: Cases, Documents and Materials is a comprehensive online model curriculum for the study of the complex and rapidly evolving field of international refugee law.

The reader offers access to the complete texts of up-to-date core legal materials, instruments and academic commentary. The reader is aimed for the use of professors, lawyers, advocates and students across a wide range of national jurisdictions. It provides a flexible course structure that can be easily adapted to meet various training and resource needs.

In its entirety, the reader is designed to provide a full curriculum for a 48-hour course and contains 600 documents. As a "living book" it is updated periodically to keep pace with ongoing developments in the field of asylum law.

The reader is published by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and is supported by the European Refugee Fund and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Link: http://www.refugeelawreader.org/

Editor-in-Chief: Maryellen Fullerton